Monday, October 16, 2006

Coach Guenther's Legacy: 64-101-2

and counting. Question: How many schools in BCS conferences would allow its Athletic Director to rack up 100 losses in football, the most important revenue sport? Baylor? Duke? Kentucky? When John Mackovic was AD, Illinois went to 4 bowl games in 4 seasons. Under the self-proclaimed "football guy" it is 4 bowl games in 15 seasons.

I created this blog to highlight (or should I say lowlight?) the incompetence of Ron Guenther, who has ruined Illinois football for 11 of his 15 seasons on the job, and right now there is little hope for the future. This blog will have further commentary on the sad state of Illinois athletics under his "leadership."


Anonymous Zuppke said...

I had no idea his record for football was that bad!

7:54 AM  

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