Sunday, January 18, 2009

Will Coach Guenther Raise Football Ticket Prices?

Since Ron is always concerned about the bottom line, will he raise football ticket prices to generate more revenue? The ticket prices, especially in the horseshoe, have been real cheap the past two seasons. What will Ron do? Is raising ticket prices a smart move in this economy?

Maybe he should lower ticket prices to get more fans to attend games... like $5 tickets for Indiana basketball!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

With the 09 recruiting class falling apart it seems fitting that the football team is on their way back to the bottom of the Big 10 and Saint Guenther's renovated stadium will soon be empty again for all six home games. Meanwhile, the hoops team is on their way back and are still playing in the same old arena. "RON, YOU IDIOT!"

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're setting yourself up to criticize him whatever he does.

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How exactly is the 09 recruiting class 'falling apart'?

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Guenther's Lover said...

"How exactly is the 09 recruiting class 'falling apart'?"

Forget it, he's rolling.

2:52 AM  

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