Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Contract Extension for Jolette Law? BOGGLE!!!!

Jolette Law, who keeps recruiting top players, then booting them from the team, is slated to get a contract extension. This despite a) the team has not played in the NCAA tournament since she became the coach in 2007; b) the team has a record of 20-34 in Big 10 play; c) I've lost track of the number of players who have left the program. d) the team has not finished in the top half of the Big 10 since she becamse the coach. Coach Guenther, he rewards mediocrity!!!

Props to Tony Bleill of the Champaign News-Gazette for questioning this latest act of stupidity by Coach Guenther!

Meantime, baseball coach Dan Hartleb gets his contract extended through 2013!!! this despite a horrible season this year and never making the NCAA tournament!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even Guenther's personal rag is questioning this move.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since I don't care about women's bb, my reaction on reading this is that if Weber finishes 8th this next year, I should have no faith that Guenther will fire him. Wonderful.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there no end to this man's complete stubborness in admitting hiring mistakes or is he truly just a completely incompetent buffoon? Turner, Grentz, Zook, Law--the list goes on. I am writing the new president today and suggest those who want a real ahtletic program do the same. He will be 65 in October--its time to retire!!

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