Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Historical Perspective on the FAIL of Ron Guenther

The current 18 years of the Ron Guenther Error have a record of 81-126-2 in football. This is the worst 18 years of Fighting Illini football since 1954-1972, when the program was 64-101-5 for a .391 winning percentage. All at a $600K annual salary! BOGGLE!

Further, look at the 18 years prior to Lord Guenther: a record of 99-98-8, .503 winning percentage. 7 bowl games and two seasons where the team would have gone to a bowl game if there were as many bowl games then as there are now. Only a dope from Hudson, Ohio would think that Ron Guenther outperformed his predecessors!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He fired Lou Tepper whose record was markedly better than Turner or Zook's. It is indeed mind boggling that either Guenther or Zook still are employed. As a taxpayer and former donor, I cannot in good conscience support such an inept product.

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