Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Coach Guenther Begs Fans To Attend Saturday's Football Game!

The Football Guy is doing marketing now, too! He sent out an e-mail to fans with the following message: "If you are unable to attend the game, please pass your tickets to someone who can use them." Hey Ron! If you are going to be a micro-manager and do marketing in addition to giving away home games and allowing a convicted felon to remain on scholarship, how about moving UI sports to a REAL RADIO STATION IN CHICAGO?

Another funny line is when the Best AD in the Country says that it's the final opportunity for the seniors to take the field at Memorial Stadium. Hey Ron, I bet this senior class has played the feewst number of home games in the Big 10! Great job giving away home games!


Anonymous Kevin said...

Nate Bussey has played exactly 24 games in Memorial Stadium. Six per year.

The Class of '07 was one of the greatest recruiting classes in Illinois history and Guenther decided to play the bare minimum for BCS-conference home games. With a renovated stadium.

F'ing brilliant.

7:47 PM  
Anonymous AZIllini said...

Another brilliant performance today. We will lose to NW, which just beat #13 Iowa, and we will probably lose to Fresno State again this year. When will Zook be fired? The loss to lowly Minn. is unacceptable.

12:25 PM  

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