Monday, October 16, 2006

Jim Grabowski Retiring-sick of bad football?

Jim "Grabo" Grabowski, an Illini legend and member of the College Football Hall of Fame, is retiring after this season.

''I've had a lot of fun over the years, but it's time,'' said Grabowski, 62, who
played halfback on Illinois' 1963 Rose Bowl team and joined the Illini
announcing team in 1974. ''Somebody else should have a chance now.''

In other words, someone else should sacrifice Saturday afternoons to watch bad football.

Grabowski said he and his wife, Kathleen, want the option to do other things
with their fall weekends

Like restoring Grabo's sanity?

''I wish we had more wins, but that had nothing to do with [the decision] whatsoever,'' said Grabowski, who lives in northwest suburban Inverness.

Come on Jim, we know how you feel. You poor guy, you've seen a lot of bad football since 1974 (but mostly since Coach Guenther took over).

What is your favorite memory of Grabo as color commentator? I recall one game in the mid-1990s when Illinois tied Wisconsin 3-3. A win woulda put Illinois in a minor bowl. Coach Death Penalty was still the head coach. I heard Grabo (I presume it was him) kick the booth in frustration. Stone silence on the air!!

Grabo had some real gems on Saturday night. Among them was his criticism of the offensive line and how much it has regressed this season; his criticism of the special teams for kicking off to a top return man instead of the squib kick (like Indiana last week); and above all else, his criticism of EB Halsey for again allowing a punt to bounce and be downed inside the 5 yard line.

Good luck Grabo!! You will be missed!


Anonymous Illibuck said...

Poor Grabo. Maybe for the last game the DIA will give him a bottle of Stoli to drown his sorrows.

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Brumby said...

Grabo will be missed

11:26 AM  

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