Friday, April 13, 2007

Question for the Best AD in the Country

Ron Guenther complimented Bruce Weber's coaching this past season:

"I've been athletic director for 16 years—in my opinion the finest job of
coaching was done this year by Bruce Weber," Guenther said, citing the 60 games
and more than 200 practices missed because of injuries during the season.

Hey Ron, which was the worst coaching job you've seen in your 16 years on the job? Ron Turner's 0-11 in 1997? His 3-8 in 1998? His 5-6 in 2000 and the utter collapse after losing to Michigan? 5-7 in 2002 despite having 4 wide receivers on that team go to the NFL? 1-11 in 2003? 3-8 in 2004?

So many choices!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't leave out Tepper's last two years from the nominee list. Or Ms. Grentz's stellar performance. Is it taboo to mention Don Hardin's program's slow downward spiral?

So many options...

10:30 AM  
Blogger Martin said...

Another question: "How is it that Purdue can spend $81 million to upgrade their basketball facility and we do nothing with ours?"

10:38 AM  

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