Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Illinois Will Not Punish Ron Guenther

Shocking, I know. Leave it to Chancellor Richard Herman to whitewash Guenther's inexcusable behavior:

Richard Herman, chancellor of the Urbana-Champaign campus, called Guenther "the ultimate fan.""I think this was an unfortunate lapse and he is very embarrassed by it and certainly regrets it," Herman said. "You don't get to lapse into being just a fan when you are an [athletic director]."Herman said Guenther had apologized to Weber and noted his plans to call Carter."My own view was it was less directed at any individual but toward the poor play on the court," Herman said.

Well the "ultimate fan" has ultimately failed UI athletics. 64-106-2 in football, and counting. Guenther should listen to Big 10 Commissioner Jim Delaney. "When you're on press row, you're better off to act like an objective media person," said Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany, who was at press row for first- and second-round games at the United Center.

Gregg Doyel has the right answer to Guenther's lame excuse-making: "If he doesn't think that's a public venue, that's not my problem," he said. "It's not like I walked into Illini crowd and started eavesdropping on him. This guy was on my press row, where I work. He came into my yard and pooh-poohed it."

Meanwhile, Warren Carter said he's "cool" with Ron Guenther. He is a better man than me. Heck, if Ron Guenther had called me an "idiot" I woulda told Guenther "No, YOU'RE THE IDIOT for scheduling a football game with Missouri in St. Louis, failing to fire Theresa Grentz, waiting too long to fire Ron Turner, 64-106-2......."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't you begin by spelling Delany's name correctly.
It's D-E-L-A-N-Y.

5:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chancellor Herman said that he didn't reprimand Guenther because he only received emails from two alums? So, he only acts if he gets direct emails...interesting...

6:17 PM  

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