Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Another Bad DIA Marketing Idea

Leave it to the buffoons at the DIA to mock the accomplishments of the football team. So if Wisconsin finishes 4-4 in the Big 10, can I still proudly wear this ridiculous t-shirt?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn’t you mean to write: “Leave it to the buffoons at the DIA . . . “ who allow the FightingIllini.com Official Store (who is operated by College Sports Online, Inc.), whose merchandise is provided by Gameday Spirit . . . “to mock the accomplishments of the football team.” I'm thinking you did not actually step into a Gameday Spirit store.

So what if the DIA gives Gameday Spirit a little leeway to operate as they want. The DIA also allows Gameday Spirit to continue to sell Chief Illiniwek merchandise. If the DIA wants to tighten the reins, do you think they are going to hold back a silly t-shirt before they make them drop all of their Chief merchandise?

What really is the point of your complaint? Is it really about the DIA not sending out their apparel-goons to prevent the sale of a t-shirt? I mean, come on! I bet you still wear your “Bo has AIDS” t-shirt from your freshman year.

1:42 PM  
Blogger Fire Ron Guenther said...

I still wear my "Young Guns" t-shirt from my sophomore year.

5:37 PM  

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