Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Football Scheduling Foibles, Part 34324

So today is Signing Day for football, lots of excitement thanks to Ron Zook, a coach who can recruit unlike Guenther's stooge Ron Turner. Anyhow, during the presser he mentions that Illinois is considering playing Western Michigan in Ford Field in Detroit on September 20.


Doesn't the Football Guy Guenther realize that on September 27, Illinois is at Penn State and then on October 4 Illinois plays at Michigan????

In other words, Illinois would play 3 straight games away from home? On top of starting the season in that ghetto town of St. Louis to play Missouri? For crying out loud, Illinois is going to have a renovated stadium to show off next season! USE IT GUENTHER!!!!

If this actually happens, I hope the local businesses in Champaign who would suffer lost revenue from Guenther throwing away another home game storm the Bielfeldt building and tar and feather this buffoon.


Anonymous LCIS said...

The man certainly is an itter and complete jackass. Let's spend 120,000,000 dollars of our boosters money to renovate and then force them to take a road trip to see a second rate MAC team in shithole Detroit. Have fun with the 15,000 people that might show up to that game.

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey we have six home games and one neutral site game. We are not Notre Dame where we have to have eight home games a season in order to do well. Maybe playing a semi-decent team on the road will prepare the team for playing the good competition on the road. The local buisness are not going to lose any money from playing the same amount of home games as we always have. Your an idiot

6:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we should have more than 6 home games, that is the problem

12:41 PM  

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