Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some Sad Facts About Fighting Illini Football

Ron Zook is the third consecutive UI football coach to have a winning percentage below .450.

Ron Zook's Big 10 record is 16-32.

In six seasons, Zook has 8th, 9th, 10th & 11th place finishes in the conference.

Ron Turner was 35-57 at Illinois, 20-24 in the Big 10.

Lou Tepper, aka Coach Death Penalty, was 19-25-1 at Illinois, and 13-18-1 in the Big 10. He is such a bad head coach, he just got fired...from a Division II school!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Turner and Zook were bad hires!! Neither of them had prior successful head coaching experience, something Guenther rationalized when he didnt hire Jimmy Collins!! However, you cant blame Tepper on him. He fired him right away after his first bad season--something he hasnt done with RT or RZ. Then there is the fiasco that is women's basketball. Grentz and Law were also bad hires!! He needs to retire or be retired, but likely wont happen!!!

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