Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bubble Bruce In The House!!!!

Ever notice how BAMM always bear-hugs the opposing coach after a win but gives a brief handshake after a loss? What a poor sport! How the hell does a team with a 5 point halftime lead get outscored by 15 points in the second half, and give up 54 points in the second half? BOGGLE! Does the guy from Hudson, Ohio have an explanation?

Today, the second half was a clown show. Outrebounded and outhustled. When do CBI tickets go on sale? More importantly, would Coach Guenther have the balls to pull the plug on this clown show?

also, ladies losing at Purdue! could be a sweep! Boiler Up! TOOT TOOT!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, he wont pull the plug, just like he waited too long to pull it on Turner, Zook, Grentz and Law!! Yet he fires Lou Henson!! He is the true clown in this operation!!

10:37 AM  

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