Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Sadly, this is not an April Fools' Joke. Lord Guenther has scheduled Illinois football to play AT Western Michigan in 2016!!!!

1) Why the hell should any Big 10 team play a road game at a MAC school?

2) Did Lord Guenther learn anything from the first Guenther's Folly at Ford Field in 2008?

3) So Illinois football is playing 3 games vs. Western Michigan (Detroit 2008, Champaign 2011 and Kalamazoo 2016) and only 1 is at home?

4) Oh, did I mention that as part of the deal, Illinois hoops had to play AT Western Michigan last season? BOGGLE

5) Hey UI marketing "guru" Chris Hanna: As a WMU alum, did you play any role in this?

6) Do we get to use Big 10 officials instead of MAC officials this time?

7) Illinois is to get paid $400K for the game. UI is paying WMU $400K to play in Champaign next year. But when you include inflation, UI is LOSING MONEY on the deal! RON YOU IDIOT!


Anonymous Brian said...

The downward spiral under Guenther continues. Don't forget to mention further reducing the stadium's seating capacity by 2200 seats by removing the temporary seating in the horseshoe.


9:28 AM  

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