Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Football Guy Sets A Low Bar For Football Success

Is it any wonder football has sucked under the reign of error of the Football Guy? Remember, Illinois has NEVER gone bowling in consecutive seasons under his "leadership." Then again, with comments like these, is it any wonder?

"Athletic Director Ron Guenther told reporters last month the bowl win did indeed make a big difference but he expects the Illini to head to another bowl this year. Guenther acknowledged that could be tough to pull at Illinois, noting that no one's done it since John Mackovic was head coach from 1988 to 1991. "

Um, WHAT????? First, note that it's been done before, you know, BEFORE YOU WERE THE AD, COACH GUENTHER! And it hasn't been done SINCE you became AD! Second, way to cover your dismal record Ronnie! 88-132-2! 6 bowl games in 19 seasons and no back to back bowl games! Finally, considering how many bowl games exist, it is a total indictment of your lousy leadership that in 19 years, it's never been done!

Maybe your record would be cause for celebration in Hudson, Ohio! But for the rest of us, NO!


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