Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Shame of the DIA: Taking Student Fees to Balance Budget

Lord Guenther always gets high praise from the East Central Illinois Media Elite for balancing the DIA budget. What those turds won't tell you is that St. Guenther does so on the backs of the students and moreover, their wallets.

This fascinating article talks about how much money athletic departments take from student fees each year. Pay attention to the Big 10. Our beloved alma mater is far and away the biggest plunderer of student fees! $2,961,577.00 which is nearly 4% of all revenue!

What is sad is that most of the other athletic departments in the Big 10 do not even touch student fees! Why is that? Is it because they have better athletic programs?

The DIA is stealing from UI students! In this day of serious economic woe, this money should be kept by the students to pay rising tuition fees, not the DIA budget and the $600,000 annual salary of Ron Guenther, the $1,500,000 ridiculous salary of Bruce Mid-Major....etc.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Virginia Commonwealth just raised its student fees by $50 per student. That brings the student fee total to $11 million per year.

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