Thursday, August 11, 2011

Analyzing The Hire of Mike Thomas

1) He hired Brian Kelly, who built Cincinnati into a BCS bowl team. Enough said.

2) He hired Mick Cronin, who walked into a bad situation post-Bob Huggins.

3) He is getting paid $475,000 which is less than Lord Guenther, so that is a win!

4) He tripled the donor base at Cincinnati, no small feat in a pro sports town.

5) We love this quote: "I think we need to be the king of the state. I think we need to be the king of Chicago." This is a direct slap at Lord Guenther, who never marketed Chicago.

6) Let's laugh at Loren Tate, whose list of things for Thomas to do consists of all the failures of his pal, Lord Guenther.

7) He is not from a white trash town like Hudson, Ohio.


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