Monday, July 25, 2011

More Excuses from Loren Tate, GOOD BYE CHRIS HANNA

As usual, Loren Tate whines about why Illinois football sucked under his pal, "Football Guy" St. Guenther. More funny and sad are the excuses from outgoing (GOOD RIDDANCE) DIA Marketing "Guru" Chris Hanna.

1) Advertising in Chicago is too expensive. This is like a business cutting back on research and development for short-term revenues. Why would you refuse to invest in the state's biggest market, the one market that could produce the greatest long-term gains?

2) Going cheap on advertising will, in the absence of consistent winning, always cause smaller revenues.

3) Hey Chris, great job with that Western Michigan series!

Bottom line: Tate knows why football has sucked but can't say it out of loyalty to RG.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the WDWS interview, Hanna said that he wasn't responsible for the radio deal.

So, wouldn't the logical next follow-up course of action for WDWS be to get the guy responsbible for that deal on the radio and ask him how a private school with thousands fewer students is on WGN?

8:23 PM  

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