Monday, October 23, 2006

DIA Screws Up Parking

I got this e-mail from a longtime football season ticket holder and I Fund donor:

I have had season tickets for football since 1982. During that time I have
donated to the I Fund and its predecessor, the Fighting Illini Scholarship
Fund (FISF). Last year due to several unanticipated expenses, I gave $250 to I Fund. I have always parked in the Blue Lot, at the SE Corner of 4th & Kirby. This year, to my surprise, my donation was not enough to park in the Blue Lot. The I Fund never said it was going to change the donation level needed to park in the Blue Lot. Despite this, I have still parked in the Blue Lot with my Brown pass because no fans go to the games anyhow.

I thought this was just an aberration, then I found this thread on the illiniboard about basketball parking. Apparently, several longtime donors/season ticket holders are being displaced. Why is this happening? Simple. Ron Guenther and the DIA must find ways to maximize revenues, given the awful attendance for football. Thus, in order to maximize revenues, donors are being forced to give more cash than in the past or be forced to park in Savoy.

If the DIA was going to do this, wouldn't it have been smart to issue a news release or e-mail to I Fund donors back in April telling them of the changes to football & basketball parking? Heck, donations may have gone up if folks knew this would occur. But without any advance warning, you have lots of angry Fighting Illini fans.


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