Saturday, February 24, 2007

Silence from Guenther is Deafening

By now, we've all heard about basketball players Jamar Smith and Brian Carlwell getting into an auto accident. Smith was charged with felony drunk driving for causing bodily harm and failing to report an accident. It is alleged that Smith's BAC was .176 which is more than twice the legal limit and further Smith is underage.

It's a black eye on the men's basketball program. Look at all the incidents since Bruce Weber took over: Aaron Spears, Luther Head and Rich McBride implicated in some sort of burglary incident. McBride popped for DUI. Shaun Pruitt slaps a bouncer at a bar. Now this. Are the inmates running the asylum?

What made me mad was seeing Smith on the bench for the Michigan game, in his warmups. Weber said that he let the team decide! *BOGGLE* A coach should be a dictator, not a democracy. By letting the team decide, Weber is washing his hands of making a tough decision. Plus he's letting a bunch of guys decide who have failed to show responsibility in the past.

Meantime, what is AD Ron Guenther doing? Does anyone know? How about a statement of some kind saying that this kind of behavior will no longer be tolerated? That is too much to ask, apparently.


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