Monday, February 19, 2007

More Football Scheduling Snafus for 2007

Earlier posts detailed how Coach Guenther has dropped the football in terms of scheduling non-conference opponents. Well for homecoming, Ron originally scheduled Ball State. They dropped out. Then he scheduled Kent State, who has now dropped out also. You would think MAC teams would lick their chops to play Illinois, after what Ohio U. did last year.

Well Coach Guenther has another chance to get it right. Desperate for a homecoming win, he needs to find an easy opponent, like Buffalo or Louisiana-Monroe. Watch him schedule a game against Florida to improve Illinois's strength of schedule!

Or maybe he can schedule two games vs. Missouri in St. Louis!! *BOGGLE*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll put 10 bucks that this jackass fucks this up. He won't find any takers and the homecoming game will be cancelled. Fucking inept leadership at DIA. A buch of retards fucking a golf ball is what we have running the nuthouse.

2:26 PM  

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