Sunday, April 15, 2007

I Have A Better Marketing Slogan For Football

Good grief! I thought last year's marketing slogan of "Illinois. It's Where We Live. It's Who We Cheer." could not be topped in terms of lameness. Well folks, this year's slogan is "It's A Brand New Ballgame." WHATTTTTTTT????????????

Who the heck in marketing (I know, the DIA stinks at marketing) comes up with this garbage? It's like some marketing chumps go to Kam's, sit around drinking Busch and after 20 minutes, come up with the slogan and go back to the beer!!

Here is my idea: "Illinois Football-Building A New Tradition." After all, Memorial Stadium is under construction/renovation. Use the Memorial Stadium construction as the background. You have guys like Juice, Mendenhall, Benn & J. Leman dressed in Illinois football jerseys with Illinois-style hard hats, sitting on a boom crane, with Ron Zook holding some blueprints and giving them direction. So not only do you create some hype over the players who (I hope) will finally lead Illinois football to respectability, you hype the Memorial Stadium renovations also.
Wouldn't that be cool?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

C'mon. You don't live South of I-80! Therefore, you are not allowed to come up with a Marketing Plan. You just don't understand how to do it and their line of thinking!

I can't wait to listen to WIND this season! Maybe we'll get pre-empted by some talk show out of California again!

3:45 PM  

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