Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Contract Extension for Ron Zook

While I am glad Ron Zook is going to be staying around longer, I am still mad about the way he blew the game at iowa. If UI is going to give Zook bonuses for getting the Illini to bowl games, how about financial penalties for every game he loses? Or removing a year from his contract if Illinois does not make a bowl game?

Couldn't this wait until the Fighting Illini become bowl-eligible? Meanwhile, some of the UI Trustees should be flogged for running up costs by taking a limousine service to meetings. This money could be used to buy out Coach Guenther's contract.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's people like you who piss loyal Illini fans off. The football team is 5-3, and will likely be 7-3 by the time they go to Columbus, and it's all because of Ron Zook. He has turned the program around in 3 years, and you don't think he deserves a raise? As far as I'm concerned, they are a year ahead of schedule, and will be a top 10-15 team next year. Why do you have to point out every single negative? I'm sure I could give 2 positive stories for every one of your ridiculous opinions. Seriously, I think Chicagoland makes people whiners, but maybe its because the sports up there right now are nothing to be proud of

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