Friday, February 08, 2008

Scheduling Suicide by the Football Guy


Our ace athletic director has just scheduled a football game for this season...vs. Western November!!!!

There are so many things wrong with this:

1) Per the Fighting Illini press release, UI only gets 1 home game in return from WMU...and not until 2011!!!! Real foresight by RG to schedule the even dumber Missouri game in St. Louis through 2010.

2) As noted in the News-Gazette, now there is no game at all on September 20. A beautiful fall day...and no UI football anywhere!

3) The game is in freaking Detroit. Is this practice for a Motor City Bowl bid?

4) Illinois is the only Big 10 team with only 6 home games. Why only 6 home games after a Rose Bowl appearance and momentum in the program..... WHY RON WHY?

5) Hey Ron, great job rewarding the fans with a trip to Detroit in November, on top of a dumb trip to St. Louis over Labor Day!!!

6) The local businesses in Champaign-Urbana have to be furious that Football Guy just threw away a lot of revenue by giving up another home game.

7) UI is failing to show off its newly renovated Memorial Stadium to fans & recruits.

8) Now, no bye week before a potentially HUGE game at home vs. Ohio State.

9) This screams "trap game" before the HUGE game at home vs. Ohio State.....Western Michigan won at iowa last year, and Illinois did not.

The response to this on the various Fighting Illini fan sites has been overwhelmingly negative. RON GUENTHER PLEASE GO AWAY!


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