Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One More Year on Lousy WIND 560-AM in Chicago?

That's what it sounds like from a recent article in the Champaign News-Gazette: Marty Kaufman (assistant AD) is quoted as saying "WIND has been great for us and we may very well enact that extension. They've done everything we've asked them to do." According to the story, the rights fee paid to WIND is at least $200,000. If the DIA agrees to the one year extension of the 3 year contract with WIND, bidding would open up in 2009.

Now, if that happens, spring of 2009 would mean some real competitive bidding for UI sports. WGN's deal with Northwestern expires, so that is one possibility.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WGN would be great as long as they wouldn't get bumped, although I don't have a problem with WIND. For those that think being on a popular station helps a program, I think it would be tough to see where WGN has helped NU sports in any way.

5:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hacve a problem with WIND because its signal is terrible. The thin skins of the DIA couldn't handl;e being criticized and took their ball and went to a station where no one would speak ill of them

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I get the signal as well as any other station, but I listen to very few games other than a few minutes on Saturdays. With every game on TV, no need to listen to the radio.

Criticism wouldn't bother me, but if I was giving somebody $200K or whatever the number is, I might feel differentlt. Whatever criticism there is probably has no impact on anything and I suspect the radio numbers are insignificant, but I don't know.

1:53 PM  

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