Thursday, August 21, 2008

Guenther Rationalizes Guenther's Folly

in today's News-Gazette. Let's examine his idiotic statements.

1) "The 12th game came about. Our conference didn't move until a year ago to move the date so that we're going to be able to play 12 games in 13 weeks, which is the NCAA rule. We were trying to play 12 in 12. By the time we got around to looking at scheduling, there weren't that many options that were out there."

Um, what? Ron, back when you scheduled the series with Missouri in St. Louis (forfeiting yet another home game, good grief) you didn't hear the rumors about the NCAA making the 12th football game permanent? Then you say "by the time we got around to looking at scheduling" like it's an afterthought. What the heck were you doing? You got caught with your proverbial pants down and you failed to schedule a 7th home game for 2007 & 2008.

2) "My deal basically with the MAC Conference, which I like a lot, is to get two or three here and then we return to a neutral as opposed to returning to a MAC site. That's how that occurred."

Oh my. Is your contract with the MAC or with Western Michigan? When is UI getting these "two or there here" that you speak of? The future schedules I've seen for 2009 & beyond do not show any MAC teams other than Western Michigan, who isn't coming here until 2011!! If these home games vs. MAC teams are in the future, why is UI playing the first game on the road? (Let's stop calling it a neutral site game)

Or are you saying that UI already got its two or three home games with Western Michigan in 2004 & 2011; Ohio in 2006 and Ball State in 2007?

We have a newly renovated stadium to show to fans, alumni, alumni with big money, recruits, and students. Why the heck is UI the only Big 10 team with 6 home games? Why, as part of the deal, is the men's basketball team playing a home and home with Western Michigan? If Illinois wants to be like Ohio State or Michigan in football (I'd be happy with being like Wisconsin since Barry Alvarez took over) you don't give away home games. Illinois just got a beatdown from a MAC school because the Football Guy fumbled the football.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like coming here, after reading your posts I always feel better about myself cause....I'm not you!

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you forget that we played Ohio and Ball State in each of the last 2 years? With WMU neutral this year and then 1 at home later that would make 3 home, 1 neutral. I know the math is difficult, but I think you could do it if you tried.

Don't forget that Purdue played AT Toledo last year and Ohio State plays Toledo at a neutral site next year. You make it sound like Guether is the only man on earth to schedule games like this.

6:25 PM  

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