Sunday, March 22, 2009

Is the DIA Really "Sensitive" to Fans & the Economy?

post below references how some DIA dude thinks Guenther is sensitive to the fans and the economy because the DIA didn't raise prices on football tickets. Never mind that the team went 5-7 and grossly underachieved last season....

1) I Fund has already sent out letters for donations & renewals. In years past, we thought the I Fund didn't send renewals until April.

2) What is with this "You Decide" parking system for football in 2009? A source got a letter about this...sounds like an excuse to charge more money for the same parking spot as last season. Pretty soon the Blue Lot will be on St. Mary's Road...

3) We've had an Orange Lot pass for the past several years...sometimes the parking attendant (old hag with orange & blue hair) makes us go to the Blue Lot because jerks in Orange Lot have taken up multiple spaces for tailgates.


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