Thursday, December 10, 2009

Well Coach Guenther????? WE'RE WAITING!!!

The silence from Coach Guenther's bunker in Champaign is deafening!! The team banquet (the ones the Rotary Club no longer sponsors!) is Saturday and we keep hearing rumors about coaching the staff changing or is Ron Zook getting the sack?

It is this kind of indecisiveness and delay that caused Guenther to drop the ball on scheduling...causing Detroit and Fresno and Cincinnati! Don't you ever learn from your mistakes? Come on Ron, let's hear from you!


Blogger 661 said...

charlie strong at his press conference thanked his mentors who he worked under, holtz, spurrier and his changing college football, meyer, and even bob freaking davie. the only one he didn't mention was some cat named zook. oh, that's right guenther hired him. he best fire him too. and then i ask you fighting illini to join the gator nation in properly warning whatever organization makes him secondary coach or waterboy or whatever he is qualified for. certainly not head coach at the university of florida. and certainly not head coach at the university of illinois. this needs to end. i hate that part of my saturdays will be spent watching illini football with zook, when i could be enjoying it without him, and watching how i could so easily figure out where zook would choked. send the man on his way. he has done enough damage. signed, a still bitter gator who had to suffer three years of nonsense for no good reason. i don't blame you for hiring him, it looked good on paper florida to illinois. recruiter. but the boy can't coach. hey coach zook, richmond has an opening.

10:44 PM  
Blogger 661 said...

FIRE THE MAN. hire tommy tuberville or phil fulmer. they'll at least put your program on the map. they got skills. not the most personable persons, but hey, they'll give you wins. i do recommend you stay away from lane kiffin when he gets shitcanned. you gotta act now, and get whichever coach kansas wants. you gotta make a better hire than them. you in a tough spot. but purge zook. i bet you.

10:48 PM  

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