Friday, May 07, 2010

CNNSI's Stewart Mandel Slams Saint Guenther!

Stewart Mandel is the college football guru for Sports Illustrated. A reader asked what he thought of Guenther's decision to keep Zook despite another lousy season but hire new assistant coaches instead of firing Zook and starting over. Mandel hammered the Football Guy!

I think Guenther's decision rates as one of the worst ideas in recent
college football history...Guenther might sell it as trying to maintain
stability, but it sure looks like a case of an AD stubbornly refusing to
admit he hired the wrong coach,
just like he did with predecessor Ron
Turner, who hung on for eight years despite posting a 35-57 record. Slipping
from 9-3 to 3-9 in two years is not the sign of a stable program.

What message does it send when an AD basically says he trusts some new
assistants more than his head coach? Is this really Zook's program
anymore, or is he just a puppet?

Coach Guenther pulling the strings! We couldn't have said it any better! Thanks Mr. Mandel!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its nice to see that more and more people are having the courage to call out the self proclaimed "football guy" and identify how totally, thoroughly and completely he has mismanaged Illinois football. His record says it all!! His defenders are curiously silent on this blog. Of course, his inept record has no defense!!

10:22 AM  

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