Thursday, May 27, 2010

Further Proof Ron Guenther Embraces Mediocrity

Coach Guenther is going to extend the contract of Dan Hartleb, the baseball coach. This, despite finishing in 9th place this year. In fact, look at Hartleb's record at Illinois:

Year Overall Big Ten

2006 29-29 15-15 (T5th)
2007 31-27 16-14 (5th)
2008 31-25 16-15 (4th)
2009 34-20 16-8 (4th)
2010 26-26 10-14 (9th)

TOTAL 151-127 73-68 ZERO NCAA Tournament Appearances

Maybe Hartleb is a nice guy. But his performance on the field is average at best. Yet Coach Guenther once again proves how stubborn he is to make changes. Coach Guenther again refuses to admit that a coach he hired may not be the right coach You know, just like he refused to fire Ron Turner after going 1-11 in 2003. (Turner's 7th year on the job!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

151-127 73-68 is mediocrity?

There is a certain lawyer from Joliet who can't see far enough up to locate that record. And you know who you are!

3:44 PM  

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