Friday, September 03, 2010

Guenther Speaks to Media, And Insults Fans

Our pal Lindsey Willhite of the Daily Herald (he's a Champaign native, and not an ECIMEZ!) spoke with Coach Guenther. Guenther's stupidity/arrogance shined throughout the interview!

When asked why he didn't sack Ron Zook, Lord Guenther cried poor-mouth:

"You're buying out a lot of contracts" Hey Guenther, you make $600K per year! Why not use some of YOUR salary to buy out YOUR mistakes! Especially since YOU are the dope who extended Ron Zook's contract after a 5-7 turd in 2008!

Further, Ron Guenther insulted the fans with this nugget, again trying to justify his decision not to fire Ron Zook: "The other way to do it is the easy way. It gets all the media re-excited. Itgets the fan base re-excited. But it comes at a huge, huge financial investment." Besides crying poor-mouth yet again, Ron considers the fans dumb for wanting a change from bad coaching. Hey Ron, did you not see the empty seats for the Fresno State debacle last season? What, we can't have fans excited for a coaching change?


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