Thursday, May 05, 2011

UI Student Calls Out Lousy Marketing by DIA

We've been saying for years that the DIA sucks at marketing. The DIA refuses to market Fighting Illini sports anywhere outside of Champaign County. The DIA ignores Chicago, the state's biggest city and one of the biggest cities in America, allowing Northwestern to call itself "Chicago's Big 10 Team." Meantime, UI sports is on a radio station in Chicago whose signal fades out once you are outside the city limits.

Anyhow, a UI student calls out the DIA in the Daily Illini and we applaud this young man for calling out the DIA in a public forum! Some of his good points:

1) Lack of advertising about the spring football game
2) Failing to fill Huff Hall for Midnight Madness, even at a smaller location than Assembly Hall.
3) No giveaways for tickets.


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