Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hey Loren! Please Stop Kissing the Papal Ring of St. Guenther

In the June 13th News-Gazette, old gasbag Loren Tate defended His Excellency to the bitter end. We are late with this entry as we were selling Bibles door-to-door in Hudson, Ohio!

1) St. Guenther talks about his golf game. No mention of 88-132-2!

2) "Hiring Coaches is a tiny part of the job." Um, Loren, if you hire good coaches, you have good teams, money flows in....not hard to understand!

3) "Assuming a 60 hour work week" come on Loren! Your old, tired "you can't keep up with his schedule" argument is a joke!

4) Loren lets Ronnie brag about mention of the NCAA major violation with Marcus Mason? BOGGLE


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