Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lord Guenther Sends Goodbye Letter

The DIA wasted money on postage for Lord Guenther's farewell letter to DIA donors. In it, he alludes to changes in the administration and that fans need to support the teams.

Hey Ron and the DIA, you could have saved a lot of money by posting that letter on!!! Better yet, if you wanted to mail a letter to donors, how about an apology letter for ruining the football program, giving away home games to play in Detroit, extending Lou Tepper's contract, extending Jolette Law's contract, shamelessly booting Lou Henson, not firing Ron Turner after the 1-11 season in 2003, not firing Bruce Weber after losing to Tennessee State in Assembly Hall and/or after losing to an awful UIC team this year, giving convicted felon Jamar Smith a second chance and then blowing it, or above all, calling Warren Carter an "idiot" while seated on press row!

Friday can't get here fast enough!


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