Thursday, November 09, 2006

Another Myth Exposed: "No NCAA Troubles"

Another myth we hear from Guenther loyalists is that unlike Neale Stoner, the University of Illinois has not been in trouble with the NCAA. Poppycock!

Under Ron Guenther's watch, the NCAA did place the University of Illinois on probation. This arose from a booster giving money to former Illinois running back Marcus Mason. It's rather ironic that it's the football program who gets into trouble, given the football program's sorry record under Mr. Guenther. As for Marcus Mason? He is still playing football at Youngstown State. Rumor says that Ron Turner offered a scholarship to Mason and another running back, and that the first player to verbal got the scholarship. Mason said "yes" first, the rest is history. The other running back? Laurence Maroney!!


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