Friday, November 03, 2006

Lousy Marketing in Chicago by the DIA

It's been a problem for years. The Chicagoland market, a huge target for advertisers & money, has been mostly ignored by our beloved DIA. I counted two ads for football in the Chicago Tribune this summer, that was it. I have seen no marketing (radio ads or print ads) for the basketball game at the United Center against UIC (which I think is a dumb idea, but that is for another blog entry). Further, Coach Guenther & the DIA made the asinine decision to move Illinois broadcasts from an all-sports radio station with a clear signal (WSCR the Score, 670-AM) to a smaller radio station that doesn't have as strong as signal (WIND 560-AM, LIBERALS HATE IT!!)

In my opnion, it's because the DIA and its small market mentality doesn't appreciate how many Illini fans live in Chicagoland. Further, the DIA is oversensitive to criticism, even when it is in jest on the Score. Why ignore the biggest media market in the state? We might as well rename the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign the University of East Central Illinois. Hmmm..UIUC...UECI. I like it!!


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