Monday, April 16, 2007

Why Is Theresa Grentz Still Employed?

I read Loren Tate's interview with the best AD in the country in yesterday's Champaign News-Gazette. Wow, there were so many softballs, even the Chicago Cubs would have scored some runs answering these weak questions!!!

How many players have transferred/quit under her watch? She has ZERO NCAA wins since 2000. Heck, Grentz has 1 NCAA appearance in the past 7 seasons. Booooooo!

Anyhow, Loren brought up our Hall of Fame Coach's status. Tate says His Excellency was "non-committal" on Grentz's future. Actually, I want her to stick around for next year so she can further drive the program into the crapper. Plus, RG will save some money by not buying out her contract. Hey, RG keeps the DIA in the black!


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