Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Are You Excited for Football Season?

I am always excited, even when I know Illinois is going to be bad (which is most seasons under the "leadership" of the "Football Guy"). Nothing better than driving from my home north of Interstate 80 down to Champaign, listening to old blue-haired ladies from Bement call to Saturday Morning Sports Line to complain about the lack of benches in the Great Hall of the West Stand. Or listening to Loren Tate tell us on SMSL that the freshmen are "bigger, faster, stronger." Or that Illinois just can't compete with Michigan & Ohio State & Penn State. Champaign gets the juices flowing and reminds me of why I miss college.

Anyhow, next week would be the first home game. But the best AD in the country decided to give up a home game against Little Sisters of the Poor so Illinois could play Missouri (a bowl team last year) in St. Louis! Unbelievable!


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