Monday, June 11, 2007

Football Parking for 2007?????

I recall seeing an e-mail back in March or so asking people to join an advisory committe for the DIA to deal with parking for 2007. This is because of the construction at Memorial Stadium-several lots are being closed during construction. I volunteered but they didn't take me.

There was supposed to be an announcement in April about where I Fund donors would be parking this year. Well, we're still waiting! Best bet-nmo matter how close the Loyalty Circle lot is to Memorial Stadium, that lot will still be empty, no matter how good Illinois is playing this fall.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, best bet is that the DIA will swipe this under the rug, formulate some kind of secret "policy", and then announce the parking lot assignments about 2 weeks before the beginning of the football season. Their communication with their supporters is poor at best. Why would that change now?

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