Sunday, July 01, 2007

Meet the Real "Best AD in the Country"

Last summer the UI Board of Trustees made the asinine decision to give the Football Guy a wholly undeserved pay raise of over 20%, to $500,000 annually. UIUC Chancellor Richard Herman (aka Foot in Mouth) said of Ron Guenther: "If he's not the best AD in the country, I want to know who is." Yep, over one year later, we still laugh at that one!

Anyhow, Chancellor Herman, here is your answer: Florida Athletic Director Jeremy Foley. Currently, Florida is the BCS college football champion and the two-time defending NCAA men's basketball champions. Unprecedented!!!! Talk about revenue from your revenue sports!!!!And for all of you non-revenue sports zealots, Florida has won 9 NCAA titles in non-revenue sports since Foley became AD. No less an Southeastern Conference authority than Paul Finebaum has declared Foley the best AD.

Ironically, Foley became AD of the Florida Gators just a few months before Ron Guenther became AD at Illinois and put the Fighting Illini on the Trail of Tears to Mediocrity. Look at what he's accomplished compared to the Football Guy. And even better, how did Jeremy Foley get his start at Florida?

He started as an intern in the Florida ticket office in 1976. This guy worked his way up to become the real "best AD in the country." Jeremy Foley is your answer, Chancellor Herman!


Anonymous Hiding Behind a Clever Moniker said...

What Illinois needs is their own Jeremy Foley. Maybe a guy who was once a manager for the men's basketball team. Do you know of anyone?

10:12 PM  

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