Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Basketball Recruiting=Lost Cause?

Back in 2003 when Bill Self left Illinois, Ron Guenther went into "reflexive hiring mode." This means that the guy he hired had the qualities that the previous coach lacked. In this case, Coach Guenther's main concern was hiring someone who would be "loyal." Well he hired Bruce Weber. Bruce is pretty good with Xs & Os and his "loyalty" has never been questioned.

What is in question is his ability (or lack thereof) to recruit top quality talent to Illinois. As of now, Illinois has ZERO recruits for 2008. Shut out of the Chicago Public League. I fear Illinois is going down a slippery slope towards becoming Purdue West.

Talent wins more often that not. In college sports, this means being a good recruiter. Guenther saw that when he hired Ron Zook. Football is on the way up. Men's basketball???????


Anonymous Anonymous said...

UI will be more like PSU West or Northwestern South the way BUM is going. Thanks RG!

8:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least UI basketball is not going by the way of NIU. What AD is responsible for that disaster???

10:58 PM  

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