Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Details of Ron Guenther's Contract

SOURCE: University of Illinois Board of Trustees Agenda of July 13, 2006 when the Trustees approved his contract. (What were they thinking?)

1) He's been the AD since July 1, 1992. That represents lots of bad football. 64-106-2.

2) Chancellor Herman recommended that RG's contract be extended through January 1, 2009 which has doomed UI sports to continued mediocrity.
3) This increased RG's annual salary from $410,000 to $500,000. *BOGGLE* Why is the UI rewarding a guy who has a football record of 64-106-2 and 4 bowl games in 15 years? Your most important revenue sport is in the crapper under his leadership and you give him a 20% pay raise? Unbelieveable!
4) Chancellor Herman is to meet with RG each year to review his performance. Gee, I sure hope Herman calls him an "idiot" or lets Warren Carter call him that to his face! Hey, he's the best AD in the country!
5) As an incentive to get him to stay as AD and not leave for another job (why would any school hire this guy based on his awful track record?) the BOT approved a $250,000 "retention incentive" of $250,000 that RG collects on January 15, 2009 so long as he is still on the job through December 31, 2008.
Why would RG resign? Heck, will the football program be mediocre, as opposed to awful, by that date?


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