Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Men's Basketball Season Ends, Thankfully.

One of the worst seasons for men's basketball in the past 30 years ended on Sunday. This season was the direct result of a) Coach Guenther choosing "stability" over "recruiting ability" when he hired Bruce "All Mid Major" Weber; b) Weber having back to back recruiting classes of Jamar Smith (convicted for felony DUI, redshirted this year), Charles Jackson (now playing football) Chester Frazier (not Big 10 caliber) Brian Carlwell (quit team) and Richard Semrau (injured a lot). And for all you homers, please spare me the "Eric Gordon defected!" crap. Even with Gordon, at best this team is a NCAA bubble team.

Next year the team should be able to shoot better with Alex Legion and the convicted felon playing again, but who is going to rebound and play interior defense?

On a side note, Rice fired Willis Wilson. Remember when he was the token minority name being thrown out there to replace Bill Self?


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