Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Saint Guenther Speaks to the Chicago Media!

For what little it is worth. Unfortunately the writer didn't ask any tough questions, like "Why has the football program sucked even though you call yourself a 'football guy'?" and "Why did you call a student-athlete an 'idiot'?" But I digress.

Intriguingly, he does not commit to giving Bruce All Mid-Major a contract extension. "We'll see what we look like next year and the following year, and that's how you make those decisions. I fully expect we're going to be extending." Typical Guenther, worried only about his reputation. And then he makes this moranic comment regarding trying to renovate the horseshoe at Memorial Stadium and a new basketball arena: "Then I can look back at my piece of work and feel very good about it." Um, WHAT? 73-110-2. 6 home games for the newly renovated football stadium! Go away Ron!


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