Wednesday, May 21, 2008

SHOCKER! Coach Guenther Speaks to the Chicago Media!

Unsuprisingly, it had nothing to do with the state of Illinois athletics or the lousy radio station deal he made with WIND. Rather, it was an article in the Chicago Sun-Times about his pride in being a graduate of York High School. How about talking to the Chicago media about your record as Illinois Athletic Director?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Readers and listeners all over Chicagoland just can't wait to hear from Coach Guenther, right after an in depth analysis of the Chicago Sky's most recent draft and why the seams on baseballs are red instead of black.

You have an unbalanced obsession with Ron Guenther which is something apparently shared by few (if any) others. Maybe you should get a show on a public access channel to air all of your complaints akin to Wayne's World. You need to get your message out to more people!!!

3:34 AM  

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