Monday, September 28, 2009

Cue "The Facts of Life" and a Sad Trombone.

just look at this chart, people. (Especially you, Loren Tate!) Is St. Guenther still the best AD in the country since he became UI AD in 1992? Illinois football=we're just barely better than Indiana!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This chart summarizes EVERYTHING this site stands for. No matter how much support Guenther gets from the volleyball/badminton/squash coaches, it doesn't matter. He has failed where it counts most, in the (revenue generating) football world. Two years from now we will all be sick of terrible loser Illini football and his "Memorial Stadium Renaissance" will have already been wasted. Seriously, get Ron Guenther off campus asap... I will not buy another ticket to this BS he considers B10 football.

1:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TY FRG for keeping this site up to date. RG is a dick, he's gotta be serious about leaving this year. It's our only chance at a respectable football program.

1:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, after the 10/17 game, it looks like UI has just slipped under Indiana U to become the worst team in the Big 10. In the mean time, Iowa, a school with none of the connections or reputation benefits of UI, has the best record in the Big 10 (if not the best coach, given what he has accomplished with lesser talent).

As a Gator who added to the heat we put on Jeremy Foley (the UF AD who replaced Spurrier with Zook, his one serious black eye), you gotta get on the AD until Guenther is either gone or boots Zook.

I have just one question for any of the Zook supporters out there: given the quality of your university programs, why can't a graduate / head football coach of this university even complete a coherent sentence?

When Zook was announced as the Gator coach in 2002, I listened to his inane, spaced out, clueless babble for about 2 minutes before I figured out he is a mental ZERO. No wonder for the lack of preparation, discipline, and strategy for the game.

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