Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Reminder for the DIA Lackeys

that keep posting quotes from Chancellor Herman (does he still have a job after Clout-gate?) saying that Ron Guenther has done a wonderful job:

1) 78-117-2 is the record of the football program under the Football Guy

2) 5 bowl games in 17 seasons

3) Has never gone bowling in consecutive seasons under his "leadership."

4) Illinois still doesn't have 7 home games on its schedule unlike other Big 10 teams.



Anonymous Under FRG's skin said...

Well argued!

11:52 AM  
Anonymous A reminder for frg said...

"University of Illinois Chancellor Richard Herman was quoted in July, 2006 as saying: "If he's not the best AD in the country, I want to know who is." and "He does a wonderful job of bringing in great coaches and building a team that understands what athletics is and needs to be about."

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Another reminder for frg said...

"I would like to thank RON GUENTHER and the entire athletic department for giving me the great opportunity to fulfill my dream of leading the Fighting Illini," Mark Johnson said. "I COULDN'T HAVE ASKED FOR A BETTER ATHLETIC DIRECTOR THAN RON. I want to thank him for how he treated my program and me over my 17 years here. I really enjoyed the relationships with my athletes and staff, and I think this program is in great shape for the future."

4:34 PM  
Anonymous People who know better than frg said...

"This has been a difficult decision for me, one I have thought carefully about for some time," Craig Tiley said. "Illinois has provided me with the best possible opportunities that I could have asked for. What we have accomplished here at Illinois would not have been possible without the efforts of everyone involved in the program- from the players, to the support staff, and our great fans. I am sad to be leaving, however the time has come for me both personally and professionally to explore new paths."

"I am looking forward to taking on a significant leadership role in international tennis. I am confident the Illinois tennis program will not miss a beat, and I will do everything in my power to make sure it continues to be the leading model for success in collegiate tennis. I know that RON GUENTHER IS COMMITTED TO CONTINUING THE TRADITION AND GROWING THE PROGRAM - AFTER ALL, HE IS THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS. I am very proud of what we have accomplished at Illinois. It has been an amazing experience and it is hard to say goodbye. I will continue to root on the Illini and watch with pride as the Illinois tennis tradition grows to new levels of success."

4:44 PM  
Anonymous Someone else who knos better than frg said...

"Being at the University of Illinois for the past 28 years has meant so much to me," Paula Smith said. "I want to thank the past and present administrations, fellow coaches, DIA support staff, academic services, and past and present student-athletes, especially all of the women golfers who have allowed me to play a role in their lives. RON GUENTHER WILL CONTINUE TO PROVIDE GREAT LEADERSHIP FOR THE PROGRAM and I will miss being on his team."

4:56 PM  
Anonymous It's unanimous, frg is wrong said...

"I've really enjoyed my 15 years here at Illinois," Itch Jones said. "I was hired here when John Mackovic was the director of athletics, but I'VE BEEN FORTUNATE TO WORK UNDER RON GUENTHER FOR MOST OF MY TIME HERE, WHO IS ONE OF THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS. The administration here has always supported our program and we really appreciate the fan support throughout the community and university. Sue an

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NCAA Division 1 football is a revenue-generating sport. Revenue generating sports are businesses, and success can really only be judged like any other business -- profit. If the program is finacially profitable, it's a success. If you think it any other way, you are clueless. If after you come to realize that is the truth, and you still are more concerned with wins and losses and bowl appearances as your measuring tool, then you need to find a D-2, D-3, or junior college team to follow.

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Everybody knows better than frg said...

Looks to me like frg is having a meltdown after seeing all of the evidence contradicting his opinion of Coach Guenther.

2:58 PM  
Blogger kebzach said...

You can put loss #118 on the board today!! Fuck you Guenther!!!

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a surprise. Former coaches, and a soon-to-be former chancellor, speak on behalf of RG.

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um...minor-sport coaches and a retarded Chancellor somehow provide a "response" to 78-118? Okay...

To the idiot who brought up economics: big businesses are not evaluated on a profit-or-not basis. They're usually evaluated on a basis of potential profit. For example, a bank in 2008 that lost .15/share annually was an amazing success. A steelmaker or oil producer who made .15/share in 2007 was an abyssmal failure.

Illinois is horribly behind its profit potential. Horribly. Bowl revenue is about 1/3 of what it should be at a minimum. Merchandise and ticket revenue are likely at 1/2. If you can't wrap your mind around the possibility that a net profitable sports team is still an utter failure, remember that W = +$, L = -$.

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 1:08PM - Potential profit??? Based on what? Some dream you had? Based on what Michigan brings in? Based on what Northern Illinosi brings in? Apples are not oranges.

As for your cute equation (L = -$), that is an utter fail! Try looking at the Chicago Cubs:
L x 100 years = $billions

7:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If funny you mention Tilly because we know how all you football guys nuthuggers love the minor sports. Brad Dancer from all reports is running the tennis program into the ground. They don't even have a full roster because of guys leaving because of him.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can say a lot of things about Ron Guenther, one of them is NOT that he isn't well-liked by his coaches, in large part because of the support and patience he gives them (see e.g. Ron Turner).

Of course, if I'm evaluating an AD, whether he's liked by the coaches is close to the last metric I use to evaluate him. Unless he's using the fact he's well-liked to bring in and retain top calibre coaches (um, Bill Self? Lon Kruger?), I really, really, really don't care whether his coaches like him.

As for the profit point, it's really not a difficult concept. You evaluate businesses based on their potential to earn profits on a going forward basis. If Toyota were judged based on its current earnings (or rather, losses), it's stock would be worth nothing. The company has value because people know it's in a strong position to make money in the future.

As for the Flubs, they make money in spite of, not because of, the fact they horribly, horribly suck almost every year. The largest factors contributing to team's economic success (namely, the vitality of the surrounding neighborhood and the exposure they got for years by being owed by a major media company and put on tv) have NOTHING to do with the management of the club.

12:21 PM  

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