Friday, June 24, 2011

Our Exit Interview Questions for Saint Guenther

1) For a self-proclaimed "Football Guy," why has football sucked under your watch?
2) Why did it take you until 2011 to finally schedule more than 6 home football game?

3) What does the Western Michigan AD have on you?

4) Why did you extend the contract of Jolette Law?

5) Do you think you are overpaid at your salary of $600,000 given the DIA's performance?

6) Do you still think Bruce Weber was a great hire?

7) Do you think it's ok to call a student-athlete an "idiot" while sitting on press row?

8) Why did you give convicted felon Jamar Smith a second chance, which he screwed up?

9) Is your next career move taking you to Hudson, Ohio?

10) Why did you refuse to market Chicagoland? Still mad at WSCR?

11) What will Loren Tate do without you?


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