Monday, November 27, 2006

"Best AD in the Country!"

Isn't that what was said about Ron Guenther when the Board of Trustees gave him a 20% pay raise to $500,000 annually this past summer? He is up there with these "real athletic directors of genius" also!!!

1) Lisa Love, Arizona State. Gives Dirk Koetter a contract extension in 2005, cans him in 2006. Big buyout.

2) Mal Moore, Alabama. Gives Mike Shula a contract extension in May, then poop-cans him after this season. Big buyout.

3) Lee Fowler, North Carolina State. Spends over 30 days trying to hire a basketball coach. Then gives Chuck Amato a contract extension, fires him, another big buyout.

Ron Guenther in the pantheon of genius! Also, way to go Ron! Seven Big 10 teams made the NCAA volleyball tournament, but not Illinois!!!


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