Monday, December 18, 2006

Thank you, Bob Asmussen!

In today's chat on the Champaign News-Gazette website, Bob Asmussen, the N-G's beat reporter for Fighting Illini football, agrees with the theory that Ron Guenther needs to "dial down" the nonconference schedule for football.

Playing two BCS league schools while you are trying to rebuild makes no sense.
Put me in charge and Illinois would be playing four home nonconference games
against directional schools and I-AA.

Thank you Bob!!!! Finally, someone in the Champaign news media who makes sense and isn't a shill for Coach Guenther!!!! A future blog entry will discuss the shortcomings of the media in failing to criticize Ron "Football Guy" Guenther.

I blogged about the dumb football scheduling in a 2 part series in October.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your an 4 D2 will that help? Please tell you football god you. WHAT A JOKE.

2:52 PM  

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