Sunday, December 10, 2006

United Center game-It's a Farce

Hey Coach Guenther, if you're going to schedule a game at the United Center for the fans who live north of interstate 80, can't you make it against a respectable opponent? UIC? And then you wonder why the game didn't sell out and there were sections in the 200 level that were completely empty? *BOGGLE*

Anyone remember when Illinois played Bradly in the United Center? I think it was 1998 or so. The place was empty. Really bad.

The Chicago Sun-Times is pumping this guy to succeed Guenther. Does he think the football schedules are ok as is?????


Anonymous HectorV said...

Yep, while one Athletic Dept. was orchestrating a move FROM AM 670, to little known WIND, another Athletic Department was realizing the benefits of having it's game broadcasted all over the Midwest. UI cries foul at the SCORE, while NIU gets a good deal that is now doing wonders to promote their programs.

Fire Ron Guenther--let me ask you this, where were the UIC section seats at the UC? Was this a UI home game or not? I didn't go, as I didn't see it fiscally responsible to pay $100 to order 2 seats to see the Illini play a team like UIC. Just not worth it. Plus, the game was on TV for free.

2:39 PM  
Blogger Fire Ron Guenther said...

I saw UIC students directly behind the basket in 100 level. I saw several UIC fans in 100 level. Not as bad as last year when Guenther & the DIA gave Xavier fans an entire section in 100 level directly behind Xavier's bench.

I totally agree on the UC game. Either have a good name opponent or don't play in the UC.

6:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After watching the Xavier game tonight do we really want to schedule top teams? Do we really want to pay top dollar to watch this team get smoked? Let the east central Illinois people who give "the football guy" their blind allegiance line his coffers

I would like to thank "the footbal guy" for making another reactionary hire for the basketball team and derailing any momentum this program had.

Recruits didn't want to come here after a Final 4, how are they going to feel with the NIT?


9:00 PM  

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